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Explore The Pirin Area 

Arriving at a holiday destination you certainly do not have time to explore all the activities, places and popular sites. Do not worry, we have prepared some tips for you.

The best museums, monuments, tour packages, festivals and restaurants with the best food are offered to you below. We are at your disposal for any additional questions. Enjoy with all your senses! Experience the charms of our region!

Historical Museum & Ethnographic Museum

Razlog is proud of the preserved old houses from the architectural type “razlojko-chepinska house”. Most of them are situated on “Macedonia” square and on “Vazrajdane” street. The most famous are Parapunova house, which is turned into a Historical museum and the Kipreva house. The museum holds more than 5000 exponents from different epochs. The museum has valuable collections of old weapons and books, traditional local clothing and works of local craftsmen. The rich photo gallery and documents from XIX and XX centuries kept in the museum are the basis for scientific research and many exhibitions concerning the life of local people.

The ethnographic-historical museum is situated on the second floor in the building of the Club of the retired. In it, the visitors can find out about the traditions, culture, everyday living and the rich historical past of the village of Banya.The museum is impressive with the rich photo gallery showing famous people born in Banya


Mountain Biking

You should not go around the area without your favorite bike. Of course, if you left it at home, you can always rent one.

You won’t regret it, if you decide to go mountain biking or you tour Razlog and the surrounding areas by bike. There are special routes for longer bike tours mapped and with GPS maps made from Iskar Tour, but not specially marked yet. You can orientate using the signs and indications of place, but it is much better if using GPS navigation.

Route No 1: “Ponderosa” – length 42km, total uphill 740m, total rise – 9%, downhill – 8%, very difficult.

Route No 2: “Hitra Dama” = “Clever Lady” – length 24km, total uphill 335m, rise – 7%, downhill – 12%, difficult.

Horseback Riding in the Mountains

Nothing can be compared with the pleasure of riding in the mountains - mountain slopes, fresh air, beautiful sceneries, easy moves of the horses or fast galloping through green meadows, clear streams and the song of birds. So do not miss to give yourself different emotions with one of the most faithful companions of man since time immemorial - the horse.

Today everybody can feel the power, agility, grace and speed of a horse, only by visiting one of the many horse riding bases in the municipality of Razlog. We encourage you - if you have never ridden a horse by now - to take a few lessons for beginners in the arena. For the more advanced, there are courses for sports and extreme horse riding.


Climbing the Stairway to Heaven

It is amazing how many natural phenomena found in nature that look as if they cannot exist. Stapalata ("The Stairs") - 7 interesting marble jutting cliffs that appear to be one below the other and take the form of stairs. The shape of the rocky formation gives the name of the phenomenon. Their height varies from 50 to 120m. Stapalata are a ridge in northern Pirin Mountain which on the north is divided from the main mountain crest by Kamenititsa peak. It is a bare step-serrated ridge with a few branches to the west.

The biggest attraction is the north face of Vihren peak which  is a real challenge with its 400m, especially in winter times, when conditions resemble the ones of Eiger Mountain.

Church “St. Teodor Tiron"

The church “St. Teodor Tiron and Teodor Stratilat” was built as a basilica from stone and mortar, and bricks, dated from 1614, it impresses the tourists with the wall-paintings of more than 400 years. The temple is small-sized, as the Turks at the time required; the outer view wasn’t different from the other buildings. Half in the ground, without a bell tower and dome, with small windows; the temple looked more like a small fortress. The amazing wall paintings and the authentic architecture of the temple assign it to the most treasured example of Bulgarian art.

The wall-paintings have their authentic look, they have only been cleaned. The three master-builders Stanko, Smilen and Spas are also painted on the walls, as well as the donators of the temple – Bogdan, Hasna and Bogdan’s son.


Spa Temptations

Bulgaria is the country with the most mineral springs in the world after Iceland. Until now almost 600 mineral springs have been found and studied, of them, 80% have healing properties, and the temperature of the water is from 20 to 101°C. A big part of the mineral springs in Bulgaria originates from large depths which is a guarantee of their pureness.

The territory of Destination Razlog is also rich in mineral springs.  More than 80 springs, gushing from the earth at different temperatures are concentrated in its small territory. Thermal waters of Razlog, Banya, Bachevo and Eleshnitsa are great healing agents for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, respiratory organs, digestion system, etc.

Golf Rush in Razlog

According to the last data, there are about 60 million people in the world who like golf or have it as their hobby.

The golf is a way of life. It is a thrilling game in which you are your biggest competitor. And for the ones whose holiday has already passed, they can make it just a little bit longer by playing golf during the weekends with stick in hand on the golf course in Razlog.

Golf is knows as a calm, gentlemen and intelligent sport. One of the great attractions of playing golf is that you get to enjoy nature at the same time as playing sport and this is definitely the case at Pirin Golf & Country Club.


'Kulinoto' Ski Resort

In the northern part of Pirin Mountain at 1400 meters above sea level is situated the mountain ski resort – 'Kulinoto'. It is nestled in an old beech forest 14 km away from Razlog and just 2 km from "Predel" area. “Kulinoto” is a famous place for recreation for the people from Razlog and surrounding villages. It offers tourists and local people good conditions for skiing in the winter. Ski courses are organized every winter; everybody can join in and enjoy the unforgettable ski experience and unique beauty of Pirin Mountain during the winter.

The ski track is 1300 m long and offers conditions for all kinds of winter sports. The ski center has two ski lifts - for adults and children.

Bansko ski resort, a unique part of the Ski World Cup is located only 5 km away from Razlog. Click here to explore Bansko Ski Resort.

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